Classes: Mon 6:30-8pm | Wed 8-9:30pm | Sat 9-10:30am

Club Info

The Baltimore Judo Club was founded by Sensei John Anderson and has been teaching Kodokan Judo for over 60 years.

Judo is the third most popular sport around the world, it is an exceptional form of exercise for the mind, body and spirit. The style of Judo taught at Baltimore Judo Club is known as Kodokan Judo. All of the Judo techniques are laid down by the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan.


Judo is practiced at Baltimore Judo Club by men and women from 4 to 60+ years old. When studying Judo, you practice at your own pace aligned with your goals and abilities.

There are competitions, governed by the United States Judo, Inc. and the United States Judo Federation, held regularly in Maryland. You can compete either in SHIAI (fights) or KATA (practice forms), though you do not have to compete at all.

All newcomers are offered a free class to try Judo for themselves. Drop by and check us out. Spectators are welcome.


Judo classes are taught by Sensei Christina Salmond, Shodan and Assistant Sensei David Bare, Shodan. (Learn about the instructors here…)

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Kids 6:30-7:30 PM 9-10 AM
Adults 6:30-8 PM
(8-9 PM Kata)
8-9:30 PM (8-9 AM Kata)
9-10:30 AM

All classes are for all levels of judo players. However, not all classes are the same.

  • Monday night and Saturday morning classes are 1 hour of mixed kids and adults instructional judo class followed by 30 minutes of adults practice/open mat.
  • Wednesday nights consist mostly of judo training exercises including speed drills and mock matches.
  • An additional hour is allotted for KATA only practice on Mondays (after class) and Saturdays (before class) if requested.


Baltimore Judo Club is located at 6565 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228.

From the West side of the Baltimore Beltway (Route 695) take Baltimore National Pike toward Ellicot City (Exit 15, US Route 40, West). After 1.8 miles our location is on the left (south side) but you will need to make a u-turn onto eastbound Baltimore National Pike. After the u-turn we are on the right hand side in the building marked Baltimore Martial Arts and Fitness.

Membership Fees

Baltimore Judo Club classes are open to members of the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy at no additional fee. Drop-ins are welcome at no cost.


Baltimore Judo Club is a subsidiary of Baltimore Martial Arts Academy, and affiliated with the United States Judo Federation and Shufu Judo Yudanshakai. If you have any questions, please email Gary Berger or call us at 410-465-7799.


9 Comments on “Club Info”

  1. Eiji Kashiwagi says:

    I want to practice Judo with you. May I join Baltimore Judo club?

  2. GriffininJudo says:

    Of course. 🙂

  3. Matthew says:

    I am interested in practicing on Saturdays (only time I have available). Could you please email me with your rates for classes? Thanks!

  4. “an exceptional form of exercise for the mind, body and spirit” – that caught my eye.

    I am a 52 y/o female who studied a little martial arts when I was in my 20’s. I didn’t know much about martial arts and wanted to learn hand techniques. I took tai kwon do first and it helped me to stay in shape but I don’t like striking, not in my nature. I then studied ryu kyu kempo and liked that better but was not interested in breaking my knuckles. I know from basic self defense I learned as a psychiatric aide and a couple real situations that in a physical confrontation my first tendency is to immobilize someone without hurting them.

    Both schools also were more interested in advancing me through belts than making sure I properly learned current belt techniques (I am always impressed with well executed white belt moves).

    I have weight trained for core strength but find that a lot of the core strength weight training puts too much strain on joints like knees and I am too old for that now.

    I tried a free judo-type class in my 40’s and the first thing they did was throw me. That throw injured my clavicle and I never went back.

    I have been very sedentary since moving to Maryland 10 years ago (office job in D.C.), gained some weight, am losing the weight and I am looking for a way to build core strength without straining or breaking something important on my body.

    I wonder if your school could initially work with me on basic non-throw grappling and help me with practicing rolls and other pre-throw body mechanics. My first goal is to avoid injury and improve body awareness.

  5. GriffininJudo says:

    @Nicolette. You should come down to our dojo and check us out! you’ll find we have a pretty diverse group including a lady in her sixties who started only a year ago. Safety is important to us and all our student work at whatever level they feel comfortable at and we do not typically conduct rank promotions in-dojo so we make sure all our students are ready and well prepared to represent our club at regional promotions. You may be interested to know our club is part of the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy which offer Brazillian JuJitsu (aka BJJ) which is an off shoot of judo that doesn’t focus on throws.

    Either way, I highly recommend coming down and visiting us!

  6. Stefan Palen says:

    What is the pricing of the club can you pay per class?

  7. Joseph Ateba says:

    Hello, I’d very much like to join, and I’d like to know how it costs and all the other requirements.
    Thank you.

  8. Damion says:

    How much are classes and do you have to go under a contract?

  9. Dante' Creighton says:

    Are you still located on Baltimore Pike? I’d like to stop by and see the class. I’m thinking of joining.

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