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Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Judo

The following is a basic general introduction to the rules and conventions of competitive judo. NOTICE: There are some variations in rule specifics based on division, location, and sanctioning organization so be sure to check the event’s official rules.

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Forming Judo Goals

Christina and David demonstrate tomoenage as part of Nage-no-KataJudo has a lot to offer and we want to make sure our students get the most benefit out of every class.

Whether you’re just looking at trying a few judo classes or have been practicing for years, it is important to take time to think about how Judo can benefit you most, decide on some clear goals for yourself¬†and share them with your instructor.

Here are just a few questions to think about to get you started…

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Belt / Rank Promotions

Rank promotions for members of the Baltimore Judo Club follow USJF guidelines and are conducted by Shufu / Maryland Judo, Inc. 

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USJI Kata Guidelines

The following are official Kata guidelines provided by the USJI Kata Subcommittee for use by members who are interested in learning more about kata, or becoming a Kata judge.

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