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Armbar-tastic clinic with Nina Cutro-Kelly

Grappler's Clinic Dec 2012

On December 9, 2012, a bunch of Baltimore Judo folks participated in a Grappler’s Clinic headed by Judo, Sambo and Wrestling Champion Nina Cutro-Kelly. The clinic was a good mix of beginner and advanced grapplers, and in the second session we were also joined by National Wresting Champion Marina Lambert and BJJ Worlds medalist Kenneth Brown.

Grappler's Clinic Dec 2012

Baltimore Judo members Dave and Jason practice Nina’s armbar technique on each other.

Over the two 2-hour sessions, Nina taught several series of grappling techniques including: wake gatame, kazure hiza gatame, ude garami (“kimora” and “americana”), yoko wakare (“japanese whizzer”), kazure juji gatame, “the chinese roll,” “wrong foot sweep,” “wrong way armbar,” “the hat trick,” and “triple jeopardy.”

Each technique showed a quirky yet practical sensibility clearly honed by Nina’s years of experience fighting high-level open-weight competitors in multiple grappling arts.

[Check out a brief video clip of the clinic here.]

I hope everyone who participated had a great learning experience!


Sensei Corky plans to retire

At the age of 64, Sensei Charles “Corky” Peters has decided to retire from Judo and plans to step down as Head Sensei as of January 1, 2013 and expresses great faith that Baltimore Judo Club will continue with Christina Salmond as Head Sensei and David Bare as Assistant Sensei.

In an article in the Baltimore Judo Club newsletter, which he has published monthly for many years, Sensei Peters explains “I have agonized for 3 years over this decision but this is a transition that I must undergo in order to continue to care for my family, home and myself in the way that they deserve.” Though Sensei Peters expresses much regret at not being physically able to continue teaching, what he regrets most is not being able to fill Baltimore Judo Club founder Sensei John Anderson’s shoes as Shufu Rank Registration Chairman. “John Anderson has done the most to help me mature into the man I am today and taught me a discipline that has given me confidence and peace of mind,” Sensei Peters writes with open gratitude and deep sadness. “Though I will move into forms of recreation that are kinder to an old person, hopefully, I will occasionally get to see friends I made during my 25 years in the sport,” Sensei Peters concludes, “Who knows?”

Sensei Corky poses with his proud students at Shufu's 2012 Fall Promotionals

Sensei Corky poses with his proud students at Shufu’s 2012 Fall Promotionals

Sensei Corky’s last official practice is December 29, 2012 and Baltimore Judo Club would like to invite everyone to come to practice and show him how much his firm support and gentle guidance as meant to us all and most importantly to encourage him to visit us often.